Water crisis hits Kariba

ADMORE MBONDA |  5 months ago | top

Water shortages caused by Breezes Intake abstraction are to blame for the desperate demand for water among Kariba's residents. Only at night have some areas of the town—including Nyamhunga, Batonga, and Garikai—been receiving the precious drop. However, because of the low pressure, some locals have turned to boreholes and Lake Kariba water, putting themselves in danger of crocodiles, hippos, and water-borne illnesses including cholera and typhoid.

Gabriel Mazivofa, the public relations representative for Kariba Municipality, told Nyaminyamifm news on Tuesday that the crisis had been confirmed. "Our supply from the Breezes Intake abstraction point is limited. The abstraction pipe's installation contractor is anticipated to join the project to handle the difficulties. We have plans to enhance pontoon pump input, " stated Mazivofa. "

As a result of lake recession, Mazivofa continued, "We have issues with sand accumulation at Zambezi Intake on the western side, and we are employing one pump."

Sand is now being removed to enhance pumping.

The resort town has had water issues before; a few months ago, the entire town was cut off from the Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC), a division of the power company ZESA, due to an energy bill of more than $30 million.