Kariba Hosts Police sporting Gala

Admore Mbonda In Kariba |  11 months ago | sport

Police officers from Kariba and other stakeholders took time off their office desk duties to partake in a sporting gala dubbed Dispols sports gala at Lake harvest sports club Today. 

Speaking at the event , chief Superintendent Abigail SIBANDA, Said the force values it's partnership with the community in creating a crime free society as well as ensuring Kariba remains a safe tourist destination.

He also paid tribute to the Commissioner General of police Godwin Matanga for ensuring this day is observed every year as it ensures officers get an opportunity to showcase their talents in the various sporting disciplines available.

Speaking at the Event Zimbabwe parks and wildlife Athourity, Wildlife officer Ms Councilia Dahwa said as zimpark we are worried with kids who are swiming in the crocodile infested lake kariba.

"We are advising resident and stakeholders in kariba to take this awareness serious as we might witnesses death by drawaning or by crocodiles and hippos," Said Dahwa.

She added that fisherman using unregistered boats in lake kariba they will be arrest and their boat will be impounded.

Cases of elephant roaming the streets of kariba is caused by bins that are not collected in time.She said.

Public Mudzinge of University of Kariba Lake Kariba research station,said university of Zimbabwe with professor Matarira bio-science department healthy science partnered with the Zimbabwe republic police (ZRP) to fight against drug abuise and substances.

"We are very much concerned with the use of drugs in the country by our youth,we are advising them to quite from this act as this will affect healthy, domestic violence and it will also affect growth rate of our you," said Mudzinge.

Members of the public also managed to get time to interact with the police in a relaxed environment away from the charge office.

Several sporting disciplines were showcased including soccer,netball,Volley,pool,darts,athletics,chess,jumps and throws.