Consider new security technologies,operators in kapenta industry

ADMORE MBONDA |  1 week ago | top

OPERATORS in Kapenta industry have been urged to consider use of new security technologies if poaching is to be curbed.Kapenta Workers Union of Zimbabwe KWUZ secretary Rhodes Madyira bemoaned a decrease in kapenta catches in Lake Kariba saying were partly a result of absence of security measures to monitor the fleets(rigs) at night at Lake Kariba.

He said it was important the sector considers setting up new security technologies such cameras and CCTVs in all kapenta rigs.

Employees for years have been accused of illegally selling kapenta to locals and those across the lake in the night and only declaring half or less of the daily catches,"Every fleet should have a security gadget on it, said Madyira.

"Kapenta as a product is not safe from theft in the lake because of poor security by operators.Operators should stop blame game and focus on coming up with good security technologies that would safe guard the product in the lake. 

"You can not expect a boost in the kapenta production when there are not tight measures in place.There is need to introduce more security measures in the lake than at ground because that's where the product is coming from and there are more chances of it being stolen. 

Madyira reiterated the need for all kapenta operators to operate formally,''Kapenta operators must be formalized and operate in a way that does not promote leakages.

''Some statistics on daily kapenta catches from lake kariba can not be accessed and accounted for because some operators are operating some fleets illegally. Only a few operators submit their daily kapenta statistics to ZIMPARKS and this has not shown the correct picture of current industry performance , he said.

According to Kapenta Producers Association of Zimbabwe catches at lake kariba have dwindled from about 30metric tonnes in the 1990s to less than 8 metric tonnes in recent years per year.