ZPC Kariba FC supporters shoot down proposed amended constitution

ADMORE MBONDA |  1 year ago | sport

ZPC Kariba FC supporters Saturday rallied against a proposed amended constitution citing lack of consultations by the executive which crafted it.

The rejigged constitution was presented to club supporters by the new club executive committee, which now stands accused of imposing it on them as it was drafted without their input. 

Some of the contentious clauses include the section on executive members which reserves the post of the chairperson, secretary and treasurer for ZPC permanent employees appointed by the management.

Supporters proposed management at least their three preferred candidates per each position after which the management will choose their most preferred candidate.

Another clause which was heavily debated was on committee members where the amended constitution makes it mandatory for each committee member to have at least 5 O'levels, including English and Mathematics.

 "There is no need for one to be a holder of five ordinary levels to be a committee member," said ZPC FC Supporters chairperson, Gift Mlala.

"The clause on educational qualifications should be removed. What we want as supporters is an executive that bring results and work in unison despite their educational status.

"Football should not separate us, but unite us," said newly appointed ZPC FC executive committee chaiperson, Cosmas Zindonga.

"We applaud the management for their continued support. We faced difficult times especially now during covid 19 times but we continue soldiering as a club."