Tinovimba Trust Donates stationary to more than 150 students in Negande village

KUDAKWASHE COFFEE |  9 months ago | local

Tinovimbatrust set out on May 20th to try to be that helpful hand for 150+ youngsters from Negande in the NyamiNyami Rural District.

They were able to raise funds and gather stationery with the support of local and international relatives and friends, including exercise books, text books from grades one to seven, pencils, pens, satchels, and school fees for children from three schools (Negande, Nselelo and Malembeja). Mr Jacob Siachakanza, Chairman of the Tinovimba Trust Board, told NyamiNyami FM that "as an organization, they feel that development begins at the grassroots, and that begins with an educated and informed child." Our goal is to move from the shadow of a marginalized community into a productive society, and this is a first step in that direction."

Mr Charinga, a Negande Councilor, expressed his gratitude, saying that most of these children had never owned a satchel and that some did not have exercise books, and that teachers were also short on resources; however, he also pointed out that there are some schools in Negande and Kariba rural that need to be developed, where some children are learning outside under a thatched grass shed.