Nature enthusiast takes 800km walk to raise awareness of mental health.

ADMORE MBONDA |  4 months ago | top

A United Kingdom-based conservationist, Nick Holmes, has embarked on an audacious 800-kilometer walk along the iconic Kariba Dam to raise awareness about mental health.

The trip is supported by Walk 4 Life and the Zimbabwe National Parks Authority (ZimParks) and is expected to take 60 days with the objective of promoting mental health issues post-COPID-19, as well as conservation.

Holmes, a Zimbabwean by birth, told the media during a send-off ceremony held at Kariba Dam wall recently that the journey was meant to establish global awareness about mental health, conservation, and the link between nature and conservation.

Nick's walk will allow him to go deeper into communities and interact with members and leaders who are on the front line of community health.