Utilize the donated ambulances, Minister Mliswa

ADMORE MBONDA |  2 months ago | top

Mary Mliswa-Chikoka, the Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution has urged the province's health district institutions to make appropriate use of donated ambulances.

This was expressed by Mliswa at the beneficiary transfer ceremony for four cutting-edge ambulances that took place at her offices.

Beneficiaries included the districts of Mhondoro-Ngezi, Siakobvu, Makonde, and the provincial hospital in Chinhoyi.

The ambulances, according to Mliswa, will significantly enhance the provincial response to different situations.

She claimed that she was now more certain than ever that emergency cases involving expectant women and other instances requiring particular attention are immediately forwarded to specialists. She advised the recipients to make good use of the ambulances.

"I want to make it clear to the recipients that these ambulances must be used effectively." "They are intended for patients and not for conducting private business," Mliswa remarked.

Mliswa stated that some sort of mechanism needed to be set up to monitor the vehicles because "these are not personal vehicles but are there to serve the people."

She claimed that the ambulances' donation is proof that the President is paying attention.

She claimed that his Excellence had kept his word and supplied the ambulances.

According to Mliswa, are a part of the Second Republic's developmental programs. The Vice President, who also serves as the Minister of Health and Child Care, was thanked profusely by the speaker.

The President, according to her, doesn't want anyone or anything left behind.

This has prompted the government to create programs that are specifically geared towards fostering growth in previously underserved and marginalized communities like Siakobvu, according to Mliswa.

Dr. Collet Mawire, the provincial medical superintendent of Chinhoyi, expressed his gratitude on behalf of the hospital for the donated ambulance.

Mawire said that having such cutting-edge ambulances was a first during his term as a hospital administrator.

The ambulances, according to him, are in a league of their own.

They are capable of standing the test of time. Modern technology is installed in the ambulances. Mawire compared it to a mobile intensive care unit.

The acting provincial medical director, Dr. Dhliwayo expressed happiness over the government's thoughtful gesture.

According to Dhliwayo, a strong referral system serves as the foundation of the curative health care system.

"The ambulances we received today have improved the quality of treatment we wish to provide to our patients as they travel to higher levels of care."

He stated, "The equipment placed in the ambulances, will help to guarantee our patients are stabilized and put on life support during our transfers," adding that the Landcruisers can handle any terrain.